World of Whiskey 2.0

News| 21st August 2020
World of Whiskey 2.0
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World of Whiskey 2.0 - Presented by South Wharf Restaurants Connect

When: Saturday 5th September
Time: 7:30PM - 8:30PM
Location: Zoom

All items are delivered to your door.

For more information and to book, follow the LINK!

Welcome to the World of Whiskey.

Join us for a night of exploring whiskeys from all over the globe, and answering the penultimate question of, who does it best?

Presented by SWR in collaboration with Brown Forman.

Presented online in an interactive way with ingredients and equipment delivered to your door.

From Canada, Ireland, Scotland and the States find out what makes whiskey, whiskey and just how different can it really be?

Put the kids to bed and enjoy a couple of drams of delicious Whiskey.

Next Session – Saturday 5th of September 7:30PM – 8:30PM

Hosted by resident Whiskey lover Rion Heenan alongside special guest Linus Schaxmann from Brown Forman.

With over 25 years experience in international bars, the boy from Birmingham, Linus Schaxmann, is now recognized as a lead-ing influencer in the Australian bar scene.

Linus cut his teeth in the UK cocktail bar scene before moving to Monte Carlo, spending a couple years bartending to the rich and famous before moving to London to work for TGI Friday’s, becoming a master bartender and opening new venues both locally and internationally for the group.

After moving to Australia with TGI Fridays Linus left the fold to run, develop and open cocktails bars, winning several notable cocktail competitions and gaining a reputation as one of the most innovative bartenders going around, trying new ideas and techniques and really pushing the envelope in cocktail creation Linus joined Brown-Forman 13 years ago and loves sharing his wealth of knowledge about their brands and cocktail making.

This Weeks Whiskeys and Echo Backs:

• Slane - Irish

• Glendronach 12 - Scottish

• Benriach Heart of Speyside - Scottish

• Jack Daniels - USA

Echo Backs provided are to be consumed alongside each Whiskey to give you the best experience possible. You will also be provided with sipping glass and a flavour wheel to identify flavours for future whiskey.

How the night will play out –

7:15 PM Join Zoom Meeting

7:30 PM Greeted by representative at BOHO

7:45 PM Greeted by BF representative, Back story on Whiskey and brief summary on how to make it.

8:00 PM – 8:30 PM Work through Whiskeys and accompanying edibles

8:30 PM – FIN Questions and Feedback.

Customers will also be provided with a unique discount code to use on SWR online bottleshop to be able to purchase Whiskeys tasted on the night at a discounted price.


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